Palomar Council PTA is committed to fostering an enriching and supporting climate with a racial, gender, and social equity lens that allows all students, staff, and families to thrive and succeed through:


Make every effort to foster a PTA board and membership that are inclusive and reflective of its school community


Encourage PTA activities and communications at schools that are representative and inclusive of all families


Support and advocate for activities and practices that eliminate bias, prejudice, and inequities within the school community


Encourage families to build relationships with their teachers and school leadership and share opportunities to broaden students' exposure to various histories and cultures not currently represented in school activities.

Thank you to the Long Beach PTA DEI team for the above language that perfectly explains the work we want to achieve.


What is DEI and How Does it Fit in PTA?

community service

We feel strongly that giving back to our communities in need is an important part of this work, which is why we are thrilled to be an official partner to the PUSD Youth in Transition program, supporting housing insecure students and their families across our school district.